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As sure as the sands of time flow, Anthony's Daily Poetry readings continue uninterrupted - a beacon of hope in a world torn asunder.

When he foolishly announced that he would be performing these readings every day while the arts centre remained closed due to the pandemic, little did Anthony know that he would be trapped in this state for nearly a year, with no apparent end in sight.

Obviously this daily grind has taken its toll, with our lovable Sergeant Bilko lookalike having been slowly transmogrified into a hideous chimera, appearing to incorporate the worst aspects of post-incarceration Julian Assange and Uncle Albert from Only Fools & Horses. 

Clearly the dedication and sacrifice here is herculean, and as such we urge you to sample the fruits of his labours so this sterling effort will not be as futile as many suspect.

The poems can be viewed on our Youtube Channel here.

Please do check it out and offer him a word or two of encouragement. We can't stop him - the man's a machine.

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