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21/03/2014 Last few tickets left for Lee's show on Sunday 23rd March - GET YOURS HERE!

Here's a recent review to whet your appetite...

"Known to most as a panelist on sports quiz show, ‘They Think It's All Over', Lee Hurst has been roaming the country to find out what makes us Brits' go ‘arghh' - what winds us up; what makes us tick; what pushes our buttons.

In a near-to-sold out two-and-a-half-hour show at the Y Theatre, he discovered precisely what it was that really grates the people of Leicester.

He spent the first hour warming up the audience by telling a few amusing anecdotes and reciting various medical treatments he has had over the past couple of years - which sounds hugely comical.

During the interval, he asked spectators to write down their pet-hates and put them in a bucket at the front of the room. He used these to assist him in the latter half of his show.

One-by-one, he pulled out each piece of paper before spending a good minute or so joking about each topic.

Using a blend of one-liners, personal tales and cheesy gags, Lee had the audience in stitches from start to finish.

He bounced off the appreciative crowd, making witty and smart observations about their pet hates and having on-the-spot, unscripted banter with those whose comment he had pulled out.

Lee's passion for comedy shined through his performance and his casual presence on stage ensured the audience felt at ease.

If you want a full night of jaw-aching and belly-hurting laughing, then Lee Hurst is definitely a must see and not to be missed."


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