Bentley Strangetrousers & A Ding Dong Merrily on DIE!

Bentley Strangetrousers & A Ding Dong Merrily on DIE!

23rd December 2013

I Hear Voices Theatre Company Presents...

“Bentley Strangetrousers & A Ding Dong Merrily on DIE!”
a live audio podcast recording

Written and Performed
by Damien Bell and Darren Gooding

Also featuring Mary Bollan, Sara Jane Derrick, David Hughes, Gerry McKee and Richard Potter
With Dean Allen Jones and Matthew Orchard.

Original Music by Tina Gooding and Darren Tansley

I Hear Voices Theatre Company returns to Colchester Arts Centre for its traditional, festive audio adventure; freshly de-classified from the top-secret, holly-bedecked files of “The Adventures of Bentley Strangetrousers!”

Special Security Service Agent Bentley Strangetrousers of MI6 and ¾s... has emerged from the thistle-ravaged, porridge-drenched mayhem of “A Quantum of Sporran” with an international licence to kill and a permit to park under foreign lampposts, but with promotion comes trouble and Bentley soon finds himself responsible for processing Christmas “Gifts” from all the other Intelligence Agencies...

Can Bentley evade the KGB’s long-range, nuclear Christmas trees? Do all C.I.A. turkeys come with an inbuilt microphone? Why are the Chinese Ambassador’s puddings ticking, and what is the terrible secret of the Giant German Cathedral Bell?

Even if he does defeat these festive terrors, our hero will require every ounce of wit to escape the amorous attentions of mistletoe-wrapt, man-eating secretary, Penny Pencilskirt and survive the murderous rampage of Professor Greatermass’ latest rogue scientific experiment...

Recorded before your very ears and featuring live sound effects courtesy of our overworked and overstressed Foley artists.

Attend the recording, witness the crackers; download the thruppenny bits!

Once taped “Bentley Strangetrousers & A Ding Dong Merrily on DIE!” will join his previous adventures online, all of which are free to download at

Doors Open 7.30pm. Recordings Commence 8pm.
Tickets £6.

Damien Bell and Darren Gooding founded I Hear Voices Theatre Co. in 2012 with the intention of recording their plays as podcasts to make the work accessible to a wider audience. As fans of old radio comedies such as “The Goon Show”, it was decided to record the shows live before an audience and to enhance the theatricality of the event further by also creating as many live sound effects as possible, as well as including elements of audience participation; which have proved very popular with the company’s growing following. Recordings began at Colchester Slack Space, (who utilise vacant commercial properties as venues for local arts exhibitions and performances) and the company has built on its experience with each production to improve its technical skills. To date podcasts include the serial “Bentley Strangetrousers and the Dance of Doom”, “The Frogs”, (a new adaptation of Aristophanes’ ancient Greek comedy), “Bentley Strangetrousers and the Twelve Plagues of Christmas” the Victorian Steam-Punk series “Tea with Lady Breakneck” and “Bentley Strangetrousers and A Quantum of Sporran”.

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