Wonderful Wednesdays - Sam Does Theatre: can't stop can't stop

Wonderful Wednesdays - Sam Does Theatre: can't stop can't stop

15th March 2023


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“It starts off small. Insignificant but niggling. 
I pick up on a stimulus. My mind racks through whether it is threatening, whether it is evil. 
I try to ignore it, but it starts to itch in my mind. Eventually you have to scratch.” 
Sam lives with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It makes everyday life repeatedly exhausting and unbearable. He wants to try and show you how it really feels.  
A show about mental illness, irrational rational fears, and how we learn to cope in unsettling times. 

Shortlisted for Total Theatre Emerging Artist Award.  
Shortlisted for Mental Health Fringe Award.

REVIEWS FOR can't stop can't stop:

  • The Sunday Times: "raised fascinating questions about the challenges of portraying yourself"
  • ★★★★½ - The Reviews Hub: “this is powerful theatre, raw, honest and brave in equal measure, and well worth seeing.” 
  • ★★★★ – The List: “a serious, confrontational hour that feels as much like therapy for its performer, and challenging elucidation for its audience, as it does straightforward entertainment. In fact, they make it all the more powerful.” 
  • ★★★★ – The Wee Review: “Uniquely expressive and earnest […] an intensely affecting piece of theatre that provokes understanding and empathy in a time where that is in short supply.” 
  • ★★★★ – Arthur’s Seat: “a physical and mental tour de force” 

Tickets: Pay What You Can Afford
Doors:    7.30pm Show 8pm

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