Wonderful Wednesdays - Emma Spearing: Whole

Wonderful Wednesdays - Emma Spearing: Whole

30th March 2022

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A quest to fill the space inside.

‘My sister smells of woodsmoke, warm earth, oranges and dust.’ Whole is the autobiographical journey of identical twins, told through the lens of the one who has been left behind.

In some parts of the world people believe that twins share a soul, so how can you be a twin alone? It is a brutal wander through the shadows of a bluebell wood at dusk, a map of a life written across two bodies. A dive into the depths of what happens when you lose part of yourself. It is a raw, tender, messy love story, a wound splashed in whisky and haunted by ghosts.

Using autobiographical story-telling, immersive soundscapes, song and striking visual imagery Whole is an exploration of complex grief, identity and belief systems. Brutally honest and tender this is a deep dive into what it means to lose the person who makes us whole.

Made in collaboration with award winning theatre maker Jamie Wood and supported by Cambridge Junction and Arts Council England.

Pay Whqt You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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