Timberlina presents FFS!!

Timberlina presents FFS!!

21st March 2018

FFS!! is a hilarious alt-drag, rock n roll eco-show for the vexed generation.

FFS!! is a comedy show about giving a shit. A show for our times about trying to be a good person in a world that cares less. It’s also about the taboo of eco-anxiety, the bewildering, exhausting contradictions of modern life, reaching peak worry and letting go… All beautifully framed in a collection of original, joyously profane and original songs about fatbergs, plastics, eco-woe and other worries.

Presented by and based on the true life adventures of country living, cult, bearded drag queen Timberlina, FFS!! is a frank and hilarious testament to escaping city life and embracing a stoic lifestyle of foraging and free-cycling.

Part cabaret, theatre performance, rock-gig, drag-show and comedy, FFS!! transcends boundaries and brings something unique to your stage and audience whilst opening up conversations about ecology, environmentalism and contemporary guilt.

Between songs, Timberlina vigorousy discusses themes such as the thrill of subsistence living, the highs and lows of gardening, environmentally friendly surface cleaners and the everyday perils of passive consumption, especially shoes.

Come take a dip in the geothermic warmth of Timberlina’s sardonic wit. Let the healing begin as you embark on a Women͛’s Institute meets late night psychedelic toke of folk wisdom, blues and rock n roll...


‘The show teases rather than preaches as Timberlina satirises middle-class and hipster concerns around up-cycling and wood-burning stoves.’ - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘Timberlina does it all, sings, swings and serves some truth’ - Broadway World



‘Fierce, thoughtful, and somehow comforting’

‘Love the focus on eco anxiety, something I've definitely experienced’

There is a particular kind of drag that is fierce and challenging but also done with much love for the audience. This was it! Thank you!’

‘I loved it!


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Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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