Jazz Ely: Unhinged + Tom Campe: Bring Back Chainmail

Jazz Ely: Unhinged + Tom Campe: Bring Back Chainmail

23rd January 2020

A double bill of performance treats!

'Unhinged' is a new autobiographical participatory performance by emerging artist Jazz Ely.

A conversation with the mental health phone assessment lady causes Jazz to revisit the key peculiar events of her childhood that have provoked her to seek help now. With the assistance of her family and the audience, Jazz comically and thoughtfully looks back on the moments of her mental health journey, shedding light on some often misunderstood mental health conditions.

James is a knight living in the modern age. He brushes his teeth with twigs, reads tales of chivalry, and guards a dark secret while he awaits his king's return.

Broken by tragedy and relegated to a manservant in the eyes of his reclusive son, Dave is a sad and lonely man.

Will a step of imagination allow them to rekindle a once unbreakable bond?

A comedic drama, Bring Back Chainmail casts its audience as lords, ladies and peasants and immerses them in a world of combat and courtly love, trysts and tournaments, joy and sorrow as James, Dave and Sophie the Bard pursue their individual quests for healing and acceptance.


Pay What You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm, first performance starts 8pm.
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