Vinyl Sessions: I Like Trains - Progress. Reform + Elegies...

Vinyl Sessions: I Like Trains - Progress. Reform + Elegies...

20th May 2018

Right from the beginning, iLiKETRAiNS had a singular approach to songwriting and subject matter, delving deep into the weighty themes and experiences that lie beneath all human experience, distilling ideas into single songs that many other bands would spin into full concept albums.

With a fondness for epic post-rock soundscapes and shining a light on lesser-known historical events, this debut EP and album are a perfect primer for an esteemed band who continue to set their own agenda.

As usual we'll follow the album with our usual 7" session. Bring along a single of your choice to spin after the main session. This can be anything you like, for any reason – the more out there the better.

It's about meeting fellow music lovers, talking about the great records of the past and predicting upcoming future classics.

The bar's open throughout and we're selling Veggie Chilli for just £3 a bowl.

£3 Admission.
Doors open 12pm, session starts at 12.30pm.

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