Kid Carpet: Noisy Holiday [Relaxed Performance]

Kid Carpet: Noisy Holiday [Relaxed Performance]

23rd March 2019

The Noisy Animals are looking forward to their dream holidays and have some brilliant ideas about where in the world they want to go. Kid Carpet just wants them all to be together but will he be able to keep everyone happy when he can’t even get them in the car?

This lively mix of live music, theatre, comedy, puppetry and animation. New tracks from Kid Carpet include, Rollercoaster, “Swimming with the Fishes” and “Get in the Car”

A ridiculous and funny story of going on your holidays with silliness and mischief for the whole family.

All tickets £5.95
Doors 10.30am, Show 11am Relaxed performance
Ages 3 - 8 Years

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