Remembering Reg Webb - With Special Guest Nik Kershaw *

Remembering Reg Webb - With Special Guest Nik Kershaw *

5th May 2019

“On the basis of some famous people I have met, pride leads to egomania and madness. I'll stick to being a basically happy guy lucky to be blessed by talent. A talent I did not cause but have done my best to encourage.” - Reg Webb

When Reg Webb passed away last year, we were robbed of an extremely gifted musician who was very modest about his talent - a talent that saw him excel in both popular music and jazz. 

This is borne out by the diverse range of artists Reg worked and recorded with - from Lennie Kravitz, Vanessa Paradis, Linda Lewis, Dame Shirley Bassey, The Outfield, Steve Harley, Robin Trower and Suzi Quatro, to John McLaughlin, Martin Taylor, Barney Kessel, Roland Kirk, Art Farmer, Jimmy Witherspoon and John Etheridge.

Then there were his various bands - from the Reg Webb Trio, James Webley Trio (later James Webley Fusion) and finally, Fusion, comprising Reg, Kenn Elson on bass, Alan Clarke on drums and Nik Kershaw on guitar. Post-Millennium, Reg formed The 3Bs with drummer Andrew Dowding and the late Lincoln Anderson on bass.

Reg was one of the acts at the jazz club’s 2016 Relaunch Night, when his trio later accompanied guitarist John Etheridge. He also sat in with the late pianist/singer Janet Seidel and last performed here with his most recent jazz fusion group, Reg & The Readers.

This fundraising concert features many of the area’s top musicians who performed with Reg over the years - including two surviving members of Fusion, Nik Kershaw and Alan Clarke - as they pay their own musical tribute to a fellow musician they revered. Expect to hear everything from standards and originals, to jazz fusion - plus a few of Nik's hits.

There is a possibility there may be a few more surprise guests as the date draws ever closer, so watch out for further announcements...

All the performers have generously waived their fees, to help raise as much money as possible for cancer charities in Reg’s memory.

LINE-UP: Fusion Legacy, Reg’s Readers, Crissy Lee Quartet, Frank Weatherley Trio.

All Tickets £14
Jazz Express not available for this concert
PLEASE NOTE EARLIER START TIME: Doors open 6.30pm, starts 7.00pm

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