Terminal Cheesecake + Horacio Pollard + Nothing.Existed

Terminal Cheesecake + Horacio Pollard + Nothing.Existed

17th April 2018

Terminal Cheesecake are an English alternative rock band, originally formed by Gary Boniface (formerly of The Purple Things and The Vibes), Russell Smith (formerly of A.R.Kane and MARRS), Mick Parkin and John Jobbagy (also from The Vibes and Purple Things) in 1988 in North and East London.

The name of the group was taken from a list of fictional sixties bands written by Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond.

Terminal Cheesecake were the first group to sign to Wiiija Records - their debut record, 1988's "Bladdersack" EP was also the first release on the label. Two albums for Wiiija followed in 1989.

The band recorded a John Peel Session in April 1990. This was followed by a third album, Angels In Pigtails which was released on Kevin Martin's Pathological label and described by rock critic Simon Reynolds as "an epic of ruination".

Russell Smith of the group was also a member of noise rock band Skullflower and one hit sampling wonders MARRS (Pump Up the Volume).

Terminal Cheesecake ceased activity in 1995. The group reformed in 2013 with Neil Francis from the band Gnod replacing Boniface as vocalist.


"Pollard is one of the few creative people on the globe (Romain Perrot is another) who understands that “good taste” is the very death of art, and as such he needs to be cherished like a Siberian Tiger, albeit one whose pelt is made from artificial dayglo blue fur " Ed Pinsent - The Sound Projector - 2014

Colchester based darkwave project signed to Peruvian label In Club Records exploring themes of industrial violence and urban decay.

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