Tea & Sympathy present Stripped Back & Striped *

Tea & Sympathy present Stripped Back & Striped *

5th December 2015

We were going to give you a party entitled 'DAZZLE SHIPS AND THE ART OF CONFUSION' but we thought the title was a little bit confusing in itself! So Stripped Back & Striped it is.

We have listened to your comments and although everyone loves a Cabaret, it doesn't always give you time to dance...and dance you must. You have asked for it and by jove we'll give it to you. We have therefore stripped back the night and now present you with.

1. A Dance Floor (the Arts Centre being the best in town in our opinion)
2. A DJ (DJ Lloyd who can create intoxicating energy and captivate his audience like no other.

Mix the ingredients with an array of fabulously tasty Cocktails. Add a shot of tequila now and again, shake vigorously and energetically until perfectly combined and completely relaxed.


Oh yes, the striped bit? All we ask is that you dress in black, white or black and white. We want you to unite as one, conjoined beautiful mass of black and white. If dressing up isn't your thing, just wear black. If dressing up IS your thing wear black and white and white and black and pull it together with a whole lot of imagination. Basically come as you feel happiest.

For inspiration google DAZZLE SHIPS. What marvellous things they were.

It's the first week of December...make it your unofficial or official seasonal party. Seating can be reserved in advance, table service and drinks package available. please email alittlesympathy@gmail.com to reserve your table.

Tickets £5 advance, £7 on the door.
Doors open 7.30pm.
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