Matt Simpkins & Ben Brown - Pissabed Prophet + John Callaghan

Matt Simpkins & Ben Brown - Pissabed Prophet + John Callaghan

6th July 2023

The Rev’d Matthew Simpkins is East Anglia’s heaviest vicar and a renowned psychedelic parson. Ben Brown is the world’s greatest songwriter and extremely handsome for someone of his build. Together - as Pissabed Prophet - they are masters of melody, high-priests of harmony, and evangelists for eccentricity. Their music is big, round and orange.

With a band of friends and vagabonds in tow, Pissabed Prophet brings together the irresistible energy and addictive tunefulness of Matt and Ben’s work in SuperGlu, FuzzFace, Dingus Khan, Sons of Joy, and Rev Simpkins & the Phantom Notes.

Photograph by Robert Bettelheim.

John Callaghan is an unusual songwriter / performer of thoughtful and spiky electronica from Birmingham (UK). His self-directed video for “I’m Not Comfortable Inside My Mind” aired on MTV. His live performances are energetic and imaginative, and range from one-man Auto-Karaoke shows to specially written dancefloor sets. Recent well-received shows have included London’s Spitz, Ginglik and Electrowerks, Cambridge’s Portland Arms, Crystal Palace Bowl and last year’s jaunt around Germany, including Berlin’s Club 103 and Bar 25 and Hamburg’s Golden Pudel. He is 173cm tall, weights 73kg and has a blood pressure of 110/60Hg.

"Blurring the lines between music and artistic performance, John's use of visuals and costumes [pushes] the set to another level... An incredible performer, and certainly unique." (Paper Champion)

"The closest thing to a living cartoon character. Makes music like no-one else in this dimension." (Professor Elemental)

"Callaghan [inhabits] a strange zone... comfortable in the IDM scene, making melodic electronica, yet almost always vocally-based, with eccentric lyrics and usually silly and brilliant videos. That strange dualism of electronica and songwriting sits alongside this other dualism of the beautiful and moving against the very English sense of the irreverent and ridiculous." (Peter Hollo)

"All you could desire from a gig. One of the most inspirational music acts we have ever experienced." ★★★★★ (Todolist)

"If you want to put your brain in the blender, have a listen - it's [as] if Aphex Twin wrote British music hall songs... In a good way" (Tomás Ford)

"Peak Fringe." (Joe Black)

Doors 7:30 pm, Start 8pm
Tickets: £8 / £7 Concessions
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