Hope & Social + Matt Calderbank *

Hope & Social + Matt Calderbank *

24th October 2019

This gig is for a standing audience

“a big sound from this impressive outfit…inspired, anthemic, great” ~ Q

Hope & Social are more than a band. They are a band anyone can join; a band who can turn their studio into a bistro for 70 fans; a band who involve people in what they do-from teaching brass instruments in their 'Streetband Named Desire' project to collaborating with other artists in their 'Crypt Covers' Album. - Visit Youtube

10 years has seen-in addition to the many projects-a wealth of recorded music-5 studio albums,2 E.P's,an acoustic album, ‘Crypt Covers’, a Christmas song, music a for a theatre piece, and a collaboration with New York Brass Band. Come and see the Boys in Blue this September when they celebrate a 10 Year retrospective tour, revisiting a number of songs from their extensive 'back catalogue'

Hope & Social are renowned for making every gig an event; a band who throw themselves wholeheartedly into every performance and perfectly bridges the gap between the stage and the audience. Anthemic songs, infectious melodies and a formidable live experience. - Youtube

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Here's what others have to say...

“Brilliant, uplifting and inclusive. That was amazing, here’s your cheque” Michael Eavis - Glastonbury Festival

“Working with you was the highlight of the whole project for me. So talented and so genuine. A marvel” Martin Green - Producer, Tour de France: Grand Depart Opening Ceremony 2014 (Also Head of Ceremonies: London 2012 Olympic Games and Chief Executive: Hull City of Culture 2017)

“The shows were incredible... truly awesome. An audience member summed it up, 'the energy was incredible. They play every song like it was the encore'” Kate James - Festival Director, Durham International Brass Festival

“You're here because you galvanise people” Katy Fuller - Producer, Hull City Of Culture 2017

We've performed at...

Glastonbury Festival, Brighton Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe: British Council Showcase, Tbilisi International Theatre Festival, Underneath The Stars Festival, Yorkshire Festival, Durham International Brass Festival, Greenbelt, The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, Grassington Festival, Moonbeams, Just So Festival, Pocktoberfest, Bradford Festival, Barnaby Festival, Big Brill Camp, Coastival, Takeover at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Deershed, Galtres, Kirkstall Festival, Expressions Festival, Moor Music Festival, Marvellous Festival, Freedom Festival, In The Pines, Oakwell Festival, Kaleidoscope Festival, Feva Festival...

We've been “A Band Anyone Can Join” in over 20 towns, cities, villages and festivals across the UK, teaching over 2000 people how to play our songs and join us onstage to play a show to their town, for their friends and family. Most notably for our “Tour Of Infinite Possibility”, we taught 1200 people across Yorkshire to play 12 shows in four days on a stage powered by bicycle... - Visit Project Website

… culminating in our performance at Leeds Arena with over 180 performers including Opera North (Orchestra and Chorus), The Grand Old Uke Of York, Straybirds Choir, a class of school kids, three brass bands and a roller derby team. It was on th'big telly if you want to see it again. [grins] - Visit Youtube Page

In collaboration with “Invisible Flock” we've made a show and album about people's happy memories of a place, taking it to towns & cities across the UK as part of Arts Council England's Strategic Touring programme. “Bring The Happy” enjoyed a packed 6 night run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: British Council Showcase, and saw its first international commission in 2014 for a three night run at Tbilisi International Theatre Festival. - Visit Bring Happy Project Website

In short, as well as the usual things bands do, H&S like to involve people in most everything they do. Hope and Social like to have a lot of fun, and make art.


Never one to take himself too seriously, Matt’s done alright since first picking up the guitar as a bit of a joke. He has since developed his brand of happy go lucky, energetic acoustic music leading to radio airplay, festival appearances and countless gigs across the country. Not too bad for someone who only became a solo acoustic artist by chance.

Matt's songwriting explores a variety of subjects while his music flirts with multiple guitar-based styles and genres. An underlying rock quality to his music acts as an ever present reminder of his rock orientated roots and influences.

With an EP due for release in late 2019/early 2020 and plenty of gigs in the pipeline, Matt is absolutely stoked to be returning to Colchester Arts Centre on 24th October!


All Tickets £15
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm

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