Gong + Ozric Tentacles

Gong + Ozric Tentacles

21st November 2023

Goes on sale Friday 3rd March at 10am

This gig is for a standing audience.

Two heavyweights in one night - Ozric Tentacles this time appearing with the FULL BAND! With the legendary FRUIT SALAD light show.

 From its beginnings in a French commune in 1967, through the Virgin Records years, mismanagement, court cases, break-ups and rejoinings, deaths and rebirths – there has always been a continuous thread of beautiful, dangerous and extraordinary music. GONG recently performed with the Steve Hillage Band (himself a former member of the 1970s GONG line-up) and released the critically acclaimed album The Universe Also Collapses (K-Scope, 2019). Gong’s musically diverse world includes shades of psychedelia, space rock, jazz, avant-garde, krautrock and surreal soundscapes. Gong have recently released a stunning new live album Pulsing Signals (K-Scope, 2022) drawn from their 2019 UK tour.

Says Gong’s Kavus Torabi: “We knew the first tour we did last year with Ozric Tentacles was going to be good, but I don’t think either band realised just how good. As mind-blowing as it may have been for the audience, it was as beautiful for both bands off stage. Perhaps many people have always associated Gong with Ozrics but what became apparent in 2022 when we toured together was just how stylistically different yet completely compatible both bands were. Two very unique sides of the same psychedelic coin. Make no mistake, regardless of which band plays first or last, this is an unforgettable show, a full-on sensory assault with both bands absolutely tapping into the eternal. We would have been fools not to repeat it.”

Ozric Tentacles are regarded as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK’s festival scene, formed during the solstice at Stonehenge Free Festival 1983 going on to become psychedelic staples at Glastonbury and other festivals. The creative vision of multi-instrumentalist Ed Wynne, the Ozrics’ uniquely trippy soundscapes connect fans of progressive rock, psychedelia and dance music culture. After a prolonged hiatus the band released the 2020 album Space For The Earth (K-Scope).

“It looks like we're heading out on tour once again this autumn,” says Ozrics front-man Ed Wynne. “We had a great time last year with our label mates GONG and it was fun to take a full band out on the road after such a long hiatus. Brandi Wynne is back on bass, and we introduced our fantastic new drummer, Tim Wallander. So, here we go for round two – up, up and away!” A stunning projection lightshow by Fruit Salad Lights, synonymous with both bands’ stage presentation, will accompany the tour.

Tickets £25.
Doors open 7pm.
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