Aja + Phantom Chips + Loula Yorke + A'Bear

Aja + Phantom Chips + Loula Yorke + A'Bear

26th July 2019

Maximal in approach, AJA deploys rhythmic noise, bomb heavy drum machine, convolving vocal utterance and a dedicated hell-scape of field recordings, abrupt sound design and blistering drone. These recordings feel expelled rather than composed, a lashing of energy captured.

The unhinged nature of her recorded work is complimented in what are soon becoming legendary live performances wherein the AJA experience is fully realised.

As a collaborator with designer LU LA LOOP, AJA’s sounds have bruised the runway of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Her work within the LGBTQ community running workshops in sound art and as an advocate of promoting and increasing the presence of women in electronic music, has seen her work carry throughout Europe and more recently to Brazil. It is in within the context of transgressive art, sexual identity/
politic and grass roots teaching that AJA’s work is elevated into a neo-punk.

AJA is cementing her place at the front of confrontational, psycho-visceral, truly new music.


PHANTOM CHIPS makes wearable synthesizers that can be stretched and
squeezed to create sound. Her homemade ‘lectronix squeals create bent charm
and harsh mangled tones through tactile electronics. Concocting rhythms from an
array of homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers
Phantom Chips gets the audience wearing electronics and making noise.

Australian-born Tara Pattenden works in the field of electronics, noise performance and soft circuitry. Based in Glasgow she runs a business selling synthesisers including the noisy bstrd and the Lerango Drone. She has been making noise and mess for almost 20 years performing internationally as a solo artist and in bands such as Monster Zoku Onsomb and Kunt. Currently she is a member of Goodiepal and Pals and the FCKN BSTRDS.


LOULA YORKE is a live artist and noise-maker whose practice dances in the space where techno meets leftism. Her primary instrument is a modular synthesiser housed in a roughly-hewn log.

As one half of TR-33N, Loula has performed live at Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown, and had collaborative work broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Pronounced like a whisper, her debut solo album ysmysmysm is out now on Junted, Detroit.

ig: @iamloula

A BEAR is a multi continental Avant Synth pop artist and DJ based in London. Twisted rhythms and wonky vocal loops are often the basis of this quirk pop synth producer.

Inspired mostly by romance and the cosmos her music production delves deep and goes boldly to often far out places and warps its way back somewhere between that fine line of pleasure and pain.

Freshly squeezed, full flavoured and oozing a unique drop of dream like synth pop for those in need of a thirst quench.

Releases: Elestial Sound, Term records + Система,

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Doors open 7.30pm.
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