Steve Ashley + Face Furniture

Steve Ashley + Face Furniture

27th June 2019

Steve Ashley is one of British folk’s finest singer-songwriters. His songs have been covered by a legion of folk artists, including Fairport Convention, Anne Briggs, Martin Simpson, Wizz Jones and Ralph McTell, Phil Beer, O’Hooley and Tidow, Maggie Boyle, The Bushwackers, Grace Notes, The Arizonas, Sproatly Smith, The Owl Service and St Agnes Fountain, among many others.

His album career began in 1974 with an award-winning debut - the ground-breaking ‘Stroll On’, which to this day, is still regarded as a folk-rock classic. In total, Steve’s released 12 albums of original songs, consistently melding tradition with innovation and delivering intelligent and inspired English poetry, within distinctive original melodies.

His latest album, ‘One More Thing’ has received three five-star reviews and his 2015 album, ‘This Little Game’ was in two lists of The Best Folk Albums of 2015 in The Telegraph and Folk Radio.

He’s recorded with Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins, Maddy Prior, Linda Thompson, Richard Thompson, Danny Thompson, Robin Williamson and Fairport Convention. He’s also performed his songs with chamber orchestras conducted by Nick Drake’s arranger, the late Robert Kirby. A former lead singer with The Albion Country Band and his own Ragged Robin, Steve is a consummate entertainer and has what America’s Variety magazine has called ‘one of the funniest dry stage raps’.

In 2013 the prolific rock author, Dave Thompson published a musical biography of Steve’s career: Fire and Wine – An Armchair Guide to Steve Ashley, with contributions from Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie, Shirley Collins, Colin Irwin and many others. If you like songs that are edgy, challenging and compassionate - and some times very funny - then get to see him in live performance.

“He’s one of the British folk scene’s finest singer-songwriters.” Mike Harding


Face Furniture are an acoustic duo (often now a trio) consisting of songwriter Adrian May, with bassist Murray Griffin and sometimes percussionist John Seabrook. They perform Adrian's witty, sometimes funny and often poignant and political songs with an English flavour and surprising sprightliness. Most recent album / book Discovering England (Wivenhoe Books).

Tickets £10 / £8 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm.

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