Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band: Chapel & Tavern

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band: Chapel & Tavern

30th April 2023

When the same musicians – and their listeners – are to be found carousing in the pub on Saturday night and hymning innocently in church on Sunday morning, and the same tunes cross back and forth from the alehouse bench to the church pew, something fascinating is happening to the music and the way in which it is received.

Chapel and Tavern is both musical laboratory and playground, in which Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band explore the nature of popular music-making from the death of Shakespeare to the accession of Queen Victoria.

A Carnival Band concert is a kaleidoscope of instrumental and vocal colour, crossing continents, travelling through time, and bending the rules. Between them the band’s musicians have a track record in folk, contemporary, classical, baroque, medieval and Arabic music. Moving effortlessly from one to another they add a sprinkling of rock, world music and theatricality for extra flavour. From the vibrant blare of shawms, bagpipes and electric guitar to the seductive tones of Turkish clarinet and fiddle and the enchanting delicacy of the renaissance cittern, The Carnival Band mix and match their collection of over twenty instruments, adding vocal harmony to create an astonishing range of sounds.

Seated Show
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Doors open 7pm, starts 7.30pm
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