Lisa Knapp

Lisa Knapp

27th May 2018


We regret to announce this gig has been cancelled due to the theft of Lisa's car and equipment the previous evening. Unfortunately it just hasn't been logistically possible to find a remedy to the situation in the time available. Lisa and Colchester Arts Centre sincerely apologise for the inevitable disappointment and inconvenience caused. We hope to arrange a rescheduled date - full refunds will be issued in the meantime, with ticket holders being contacted by phone and / or email.

A personal note from Lisa...

Dear Friends,

I’m afraid I have had to cancel tonight's gig.

Yesterday I played a solo set in East London after which I packed all my stuff into the boot of my car, out of view, which I then parked.

After catching some of the other acts it was time for us to leave, however, it seemed the car was gone. After 2/3 hours of looking for the car in the place I thought I’d parked and in places I know I hadn’t parked, it became obvious that it has been stolen or moved…with all my gear in the back!!!

I phoned the police and reported it stolen and they have put the registration on their electronic tracking system and have said that they will be checking CCTV. This morning I listed in more detail for the police all the items in the back (basically my whole solo gig). As you can imagine, this has been very stressful and exhausting.

I had initially thought, earlier in the day, that I could still carry on with the Colchester gig tonight, the last thing I want to do is let people down and miss out on playing… My husband, Gerry, who I have often performed with was more than ready to jump in and help re-jig the set as a duo and some friends have even leant us their car. With the car loaded and plans changed to accommodate this unexpected situation I have set off only to find that I am physically unable to carry this out. Although they are really just things, musical instruments (especially my violin bought for me by my Mum when I was 11) are such meaningful things and I think its all dawning on me quite suddenly, in a bit more of a physical way than I’d thought. I thing I've gone into shock; feeling ridiculously light headed, hyperventilating, teary, week and faint, not fit at all for driving or playing, my throats constricting, I feel I cannot breath and am feeling understandably anxious over the whole situation.

I was genuinely looking forward to playing Colchester Arts, such a tremendous venue who have been so supportive both with the booking and with this situation - it would have been a perfect end what has been a really positive solo stint of my May tour. However, I am looking to be back at Colchester at some point in the near future and sincerely hope you can make it then.

I’m still hoping that a rogue car pounder has swiped it and its sitting there on the top of some lorry, instruments resting in the back, ready to be dragged to a pound in Staines where I have to pay £150 to get it back. Meanwhile I’m informing East End cash converters as quick as I can!

I deeply hope you can understand my situation and reasons for re-schedudling tonights gig.

I wish you all a very pleasant May bank holiday with absolutely no car drama involved.

All love
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