Kegs *

Kegs *

28th March 2022

Exceptional Essex-based quartet featuring singer/songwriter and stunning guitarist, Stuart Moffat.

KEGS are a respected band of longstanding and impeccable pedigree who have played for concerts, festivals, folk clubs, weddings, ceilidhs, garden parties, and much more.

KEGS instruments are:- melodeon, flute/whistle, fiddle/recorder and guitar. KEGS repertoire is extensive and eclectic, drawing upon the international folk tradition and pop culture, as well as self penned music and original songs. KEGS are renowned for their interesting arrangements and tight sound.

Kegs were formed in 1994 by Kevi, Elinor, Geoff and Stuart. It was from the initials of these four that the name KEGS was derived. Geoff left and Bobby joined. Kevi stepped back from the band about twelve years ago to bring up her family, but is now back in her accustomed place.

In 1998 KEGS made a cassette album called “The Reverend Greenish” on Glenthorn Music label, GLN004. This recording contains traditional and contemporary music and has three Tom Petty songs and a Tracey Chapman song hidden about its person. Guest musicians Dave Shepherd and Jon May can be heard on a couple of tracks. In 2007 KEGS released a C.D. called “Miss Scarlettuce” also on Glenthorn music GLN006. This recording consisted of much original material was so well received that the band cheerfully gave in to popular demand and produced their third album called “The Professor’s Plums “ GLN012. The band has entered discussions about recording another album. Watch this space.

Support... Phil Lyons
Phil Lyons has been on the English folk scene since the 1970’s. He’s a versatile and accomplished singer-guitarist from Colchester, who always impresses when he performs. He has been heavily involved in French traditional music and dance since the 1990’s, performing at festivals and events in France and the UK but has always maintained a large British song repertoire “He is his own man, with a distinctive voice” LIVING TRADITION.

Tickets £11 / £10 concessions.
Doors open 7.45pm.
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