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17/03/2020 Due to the current Global Covid-19 crisis Colchester Arts Centre remains closed.

All events up the end of November 2020 have, wherever possible, been rescheduled. We have tried our hardest to contact all ticketholders by email and process any necessary refunds as quickly as possible. If you have tickets for any event during this time and you haven’t heard from us please email us at

During this period of closure, we have been overwhelmed by messages of support, it’s been fantastic to hear from so many of you. A huge heartfelt thank you to those of you who have been in a position to donate to our COVID-19 fund. Your generous gestures have helped to ensure our future and we can’t wait to reopen our doors and thank you in person.

Colchester Arts Centre is a small venue with limited capacity, but we do feel connected with our audiences so if there are issues beyond cancellation that you feel we can help with we are very happy to try or even just listen if that helps. We have a small team of staff working from home so please do get in touch.


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