Plastica Galactica: Get Involved (Workshop)

Plastica Galactica: Get Involved (Workshop)

5th October 2022


This is a commission as part of Game Changer, a project led by our Thinker in Residence, Vijay Patel. Game Changer was initiated to develop inclusion and diversity models within Colchester Arts Centre, including: training for staff, programming for 'Wonderful Wednesdays', artist commissions, advisory on CAC board, access provision models for artists/audiences + more.

Get Involved is a street clean that takes you on an audio journey exploring plastic pollution, marine life and the importance of you.

You go on a clean wherever you want. A beach, a field, a park, your estate, round the block, through a village; absolutely anywhere. Next you build something with the rubbish you’ve collected. Is it an eco-brick? A masterpiece? The point is to reuse/repurpose these objects.

Suitable for all ages, come join us in making something new out of the rubbish you find.

Inspired by Martin Dorey we want to see what’s washing up across the UK. As artists, activism has always been at the front of everything we do. With this project we invite you, the audience to put the active in activist. We want you to become co-creators. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Admission Free
2pm - 4pm
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