The Vinyl Sessions: Joy Division

The Vinyl Sessions: Joy Division

15th May 2022

The Vinyl Sessions Collective host another cult classic, playing the album in full, on vinyl, and on the best PA in town.

We’ll be discussing what makes this album so great, why it deserves the praise it’s got, and perhaps why it deserves even more.

This month we’ll be presenting ‘Closer’ by Joy Division, released in July 1980.

As usual we'll follow the album with our usual 7" session. Bring along a single of your choice to spin after the main session. This can be anything you like, for any reason – the more out there the better.

It's about meeting fellow music lovers, talking about the great records of the past and predicting upcoming future classics.

The bar's open throughout, but there will be NO CHILLI AVAILABLE.
£3 Admission.
Doors open 12pm, session starts at 12.30pm.
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