I Hear Voices Theatre Co: Poets Day

I Hear Voices Theatre Co: Poets Day

16th October 2022

Written and Performed by Damien Bell & Darren Gooding
Music by Darren Tansley

The twisted imaginations that scripted "The Ceremonial Opening of the Arts Centre Privies", "The Grand Beard Shave of Lord Anthony Roberts" and "The Adventures of Bentley Strangetrousers", return once again, as I Hear Voices Theatre Company, for the start of a brand new comedy series - "Poets Day!"

Forty years after exploding onto the spoken word scene, two once radical and now increasingly frazzled punk poets, Mervin and Donny, struggle against the prospect of slowly disintegrating in genteel oblivion; adrift in the picturesque East Anglian coastal village of Wivenhoe. "Poets Day" inhabits a strangely familiar landscape; brimming with fading artists, assorted eccentrics and bus-pass bohemians, but as Halloween approaches our motley wordsmiths experience a pair of unquiet adventures...

"Spike's Compendious Tome" by Damien Bell – Our notional heroes inadvertently acquire a mystical book with the improbable power to create portals between worlds. After entering a hell-dimension of indescribable horrors and mind altering fungi, can Donny and Mervin find their way back to our reality? And will Donny want to?

"Schrödinger's Pet Cemetery" by Damien Bell and Darren Gooding - Mervin is commissioned to write a poem for the local Zoo. While he is dealing with the Zoo's obtuse owner, Donny is left responsible for the upkeep of some animals; including a particularly mangy and malcontent Ginger Tom. Unfortunately the only thing Donny can remember about cat husbandry is an experiment involving sealed metal boxes... Midnight is approaching; what could possibly go wrong?

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Tickets £8 / £7 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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