Wonderful Wednesdays - Heather Bandenburg: Mummy Vs

Wonderful Wednesdays - Heather Bandenburg: Mummy Vs

8th March 2023

This performance has been cancelled due to transport issues. Ticketholders will be contacted regarding refunds.


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eing a parent and a wrestler are not dissimilar. The pay is bad. Your body hurts. No matter how hard you try, the rest of the world thinks your efforts are often ridiculous.

Who would win in a battle between Team Reality & Expectations Inc?  Welcome to the battle raging in wrestler-turned-parent Heather’s head. Using live wrestling, interviews, monologue and a cast of the best wrestlers in London, Mummy Vs is a manifestation of the constant battle of parenting.

Set against the backdrop of lockdown Britain, Mummy Vs is a story from the frontline of raising the next generation, the production hopes to show the brilliant resilience of parents in a way that is impossible to ignore. In 2021, Mummy Vs presented an experimental, work in progress show combining performance art and live wrestling to bring colour and noise to the monotony of raising children.

After almost 3 years in development supported by Arts Council england, DISRUPT festival, Camden peoples theater & Attenborough Arts Centre - Mummy Vs is now on tour.

About the artist 

Hlariously funny and really thought-provoking - Audience member I feel rebuilt. If you get a chance Mommas go see this show! DO IT! - Audience member

Tickets: Pay What You Can Afford
Doors:   7.30pm Show 8pm

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