23rd October 2022

Neurodelicious is a collective of neurodivergent artists, provides a groundbreaking new cultural experience, embracing dynamic risk taking and flipping the narrative on “reasonable adjustments” at live performances. We present a bold new take on the traditional variety show. You may like some acts more than others and that is ok; not everyone likes “vanilla” so let’s chuck in some “performance marmite” to mix things up! Love it or hate it, you will not forget it! 

Neurodelicious showcases neurodivergent talent with a cast of 10 artists, featuring poetry, music, dance, song and storytelling. This show explores and celebrates neurodivergent experiences of the world through live performance, immersing its audience in the dark and the light (but not too bright!), the challenges and triumphs, the pain and exuberance of minds that are anything but typical. We are also turning the idea of “reasonable adjustments” on its head. So please can our neurotypical visitors let the venue know ahead of your visit so that reasonable adjustments can be made for you, and seating allocated accordingly (we love to challenge the power dynamic of neurotypical privilege!).

Wheelchair users of any neurotype will not be steered towards three sad spaces on your own at the front. Everyone is welcome at Neurodelicious. Expect a humorous, safe and entertaining environment, wrapped around an evolution of the concept of “relaxed performances”. The main seating will make use of tactile furnishings and there will be a large area of sensory delights to provide a new audience experience, all informed by neurodivergent voices. 

What can you expect? A Kate Bush Impersonator, Drag, Live Art, Poetry and Spoken Word, Dance, Film… what more could you need? Oh, and a spot of Flagging (if you know you know)! Performances by;

Chloe Akasha

Hannah Aria

Virginia Betts

Gemma Garwood

Christina Jane

Rosy May

Justine de Mierre

Ellena Woolf

Why you should come? “Neurodelicious will be a delightfully chaotic, thrilling and encapsulating evening full of varied performances from a whole array of Neurodivergent talent. If you have a taste for fresh new work then this evening is certainly for you!” - Ema, Arts Producer 

What does “neurodivergent” mean? The brains of the Neurodelicious company are not neurotypical (i.e. not the dominant neurotype in a society). For example, all of our performers have one or more of the following divergences; autism, Tourette’s, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia. 

What does “neurotypical” mean? We live in a world where there are societal expectations on what is “normal”, especially in terms of ways people “should” communicate and behave, teach or learn, and how society measures intelligence and either rewards or acknowledges “success”. Often at school-age, that’s on the basis of a person’s ability to read and write or do maths with ease, to “behave well” by sitting still in class or by being quiet and compliant, to communicate using conventional ideas and speech. That’s the neurotypical world, and there’s a whole other unrestricted Neurodelicious world out there, baby! What’s the difference between “neurodivergent” and “neurodiverse”? Mainly it’s the grammar! An individual can be neurodivergent (assuming they are the only person in a group or community with autism, for example). A group is neurodiverse when each person has different neurotypes (such as if one person has autism, another has ADHD, another has none of the above, and so on). 

Warnings: Neurotypical visitors will be treated with care and respect but please let us know in advance about your unique needs. We are happy to provide seating for you to remain still for the duration (joking!). If you do not require space to move around or stim products we will be accommodating of your differences (still joking). Silence will be permitted should you wish to remain quiet (just don’t expect everyone else to do the same!). Latecomers are welcome and we will not point you out and humiliate you like you may have experienced at a neurotypical event. If you need to leave to use the toilet or for any other reason, we will not take that as an opportunity to make you feel even more awkward.....because “why would you do that??? 

Sensory experience: Sound and lighting will be less intense than usual settings. You may wish to bring ear defenders just in case, depending on your personal preference. Captions and BSL will be provided for the show along with some brief audiovisual introductions. Pyjamas welcome but not compulsory.

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Doors Open 12.30pm, starts 1pm.

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