Julia Croft: Working On My Night Moves

Julia Croft: Working On My Night Moves

13th May 2020

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Created by Julia Croft & Nisha Madhan.

Breaking the rules, the patriarchy and the time/space continuum.

A search for multiple feminist futurisms, reaching for outer space.

A gesture to the impossible. An ode to the search for utopia.

A science fiction / science fact / fantasy futurisms / dubstep mashup.

Or just some moves in the night.

Working On My Night Moves is a performative investigation of potential feminist futurism(s) and a celebration of the uncertain as a political stance. It is a poetic attempt to build a black hole and reach outer space, a Wizard of Oz fever dream and a love letter to the spaces that sit in between. By diffusing the power in the room could we ultimately defy gender, and the patriarchy, time and space? Working On My Night Moves builds a collective utopia out of movement; Ideologies, bodies, continents are all constantly moving, shifting, cracking. Allowing our minds to fall in love with the ever shifting crack between any two ideological positions may be road to utopia. How do we envisage new worlds that allow for multiplicity, movement and new and as yet unimagined power relations?

Inspired by the theory of Karen Barad, Donna Haraway and Jose Esteban Munoz, Night Moves seeks to create a futurism that speaks to the historical complexities of gender and sexual politics while simultaneously creating a set of strategies for forward momentum that places utopia as an ever existing horizon of potentiality.

This work premiered at The Basement Theatre Auckland in March 2019.
Developed at Battersea Arts Centre, London and through Magnetic North Rough Mix Residency.
Created with support by Creative New Zealand and presented as part of the Basement Theatre’s Basement Visions programme.
Doors open 7.30pm, starts 8pm.
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