Jenny Lee: Heartbeats & Algorithms

Jenny Lee: Heartbeats & Algorithms

4th October 2017

Does your computer know about your embarrassing web searches? Does it know that, despite your claim to be fluent in German, you use Google Translate? Does it know about your casual relationship with porn? Does it know you better than your friends? Does it know you better than you know yourself ?

Banks is working late, designing an algorithm that will predict the decisions of people in seemingly unpredictable predicaments. In the process of perfecting the algorithm she ends up creating a programme that gets to know her better than she knows herself, and discovers her most intimate secret. As a result, it predicts that she will soon find herself in an unpredictable predicament...

A dark, heart-achingly funny thriller that conjures up a seductive, inescapable world of information use and abuse and examines the leading role technology plays in our lives. A sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

Pay What You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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