Slay Duggee Live!

Slay Duggee Live!

27th November 2022

This show is for a standing audience!

The world's number one metal band for children Slay Duggee are back AGAIN to get the kids of Colchester moshing. 'My First Metal Gig' is a unique show not to be missed.

Slay Duggee (live)
Kids' heavy metal disco
Face painting (rock and metal designs only)
Moshing, circle pits, triangle pits, stage invasion...

Raising money for Team Angus

SLAY DUGGEE are five dogs that play live heavy metal for kids.
Hear kids' favourites like Baby Shark, Daddy Finger, STICK!, Sleeping Bunnies, and Paw Patrol like never before.
Children can learn all about how gigs work.
Circle pits, moshing, pogoing, stage invasions, it all happens in 'My First Metal Gig'.

Slay Duggee have previously collaborated with metal gods such as TesseracT, Nekrogoblikon, Raiden, Cage Fight and Animal Schoolbus. Steve Lamacq calls them the “Lords of Toddler Metal”.

Slay Duggee put on an inclusive and accessible show and encourage everyone to get involved.

Limited numbers of Edz Kidz ear defenders are available to borrow for small children.

Drummer, Black Shuck continued “It’s vital that the children of the world receive the correct musical upbringing. SLAY DUGGEE are a key educational tool for any responsible parent.”

Slay Duggee YouTube
Slay Duggee Spotify

All tickets £8.
Kids and adults need tickets, parental supervision required at all times.
Doors 12.30pm, starts 1.30pm.
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