UKAEA + Dhangsha + Don Quong

UKAEA + Dhangsha + Don Quong

10th February 2022

Ticket holders will be contacted regarding refunds.

This gig is for a standing audience.

UKAEA is a shadowy collective concerned with exploring trance-dance phenomena and holistic performance through a post-apocalyptic filter. 

You have reached the frequency for the monthly UKAEA Alliance Transmission, covering all current Alliance sectors. All radiation forecasts; dog pack and bandit/paramilitary warnings; re-contact announcements; new Colodome announcements; cultural documentation and dissemination are now amalgamated under this frequency. Please do not attempt to contact or trace the UKAEA Alliance Hub location from this transmission: in the interest of security, all transmissions are scrambled. WARNING: ATTEMPTS TO REMOTELY DE-SCRAMBLE WILL RESULT IN INSTANT DEPLOYMENT OF MANTIS WALKERS TO YOUR LOCATION.

Featuring Agathe Max and Stormfield.
DHANGSHA (Bengali for ‘destruction’’), is the alias of experimental musician Aniruddha Das (co-founder and original bassist of Asian Dub Foundation.) His music has been described as a “Detroit inflected mutant dancehall,” occupying as it does, a stark waste ground between techno, ragga and (harsh) noise. His remit is to explore minimalism, repetition and fragmentation in sound and the potential, using these principles, to convey political sentiment. Composing through live improvisation rather than multi-tracking, Dhangsha creates a particularly physical sound, using little more than an Elektron Digitakt, RAT distortion pedal and Acidbox filter. He attempts to emulate the sound of damaged speakers, windows reverberating at an illegal warehouse party or the vibe of frenetic jungle radio transmissions.

Live electronic act, hailing from North Essex. Using a fully hardware rig, Don Quong play various electronic genres in their sets.

Tickets £7 / £6 concessions. 
Doors open 7.30pm.

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