Snapped Ankles + Ghosts of Men + The Valhallans

Snapped Ankles + Ghosts of Men + The Valhallans

18th November 2017

Snapped Ankles are an London based post-punk band. They are signed to The Leaf Label and have released the single I Want My Minutes Back on 17 March 2017 and the EP The Best Light Is The Last Light on 30 June 2017. Their first full length album is set for release on 29 September.

Their recent single found favour at BBC 6 Music with support from Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Coe and Vic Galloway, resulting in a Marc Riley session.

The Leaf Label describes the band's sound as "primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin" The Quietus called them "a band defying convention at every turn and toying with their own mythology as they see fit".

Follow up ‘Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin’ video offers a glimpse of the off-kilter art-house landscape inside the minds of Snapped Ankles and long-time collaborator Sol Haim.

Live they dress as mossy forest men playing log synths, sticks, drums and bass guitar and have progressed through warehouse and squat parties onto performance art collaborations, forest clearings, festivals and have built a community around their Topophobia performance nights and Drum Cinema performances.

Nicely heavy, dancey, two piece rock from Essex. The last 2 years have seen Ghosts Of Men take to over sixty festival stages and countless UK venues, sign a record deal, release an EP and an Album as well as 2 cutting edge music videos, constantly building an army of fans nationwide along the way. Sometimes described as a pair of idiots with the combined mental age of 7, sometimes hailed as geniuses of the genre, it's fair to say these two leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

''Ghosts Of Men?! Helluva good buh''
(Jean at the Post Office)

'Little Death' 360 music video and single released 271017

Mysterious offshoot of local drone / experimentalists Mother Sky.

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Doors open 7.30pm.
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