Tom Morris and the Sacconi Quartet: 'Beethoven in the Dark' *

Tom Morris and the Sacconi Quartet: 'Beethoven in the Dark' *

27th September 2023

Doors open 7pm, Start 7:30pm

The Sacconi Quartet performs Beethoven in the Dark in a staged production by Tom Morris, former Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic. This immersive production is a unique performance of Beethoven's evocative Late Quartet Op. 131.


Ludwig Van Beethoven – String Quartet op. 131

Beethoven in the Dark challenges the traditional concert format and expands the boundaries of our perceptual experience. This unique concert, is a sensory exploration of Beethoven’s music, performed by the celebrated Sacconi Quartet in a production designed by Tom Morris, the artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic and the Bristol Proms.

This pioneering concert examines the heart of Beethoven's genius: By plunging the audience into darkness, it illuminates the essence of Beethoven's Op. 131 with new clarity, power, and intimacy. The performance centres around Beethoven's String Quartet Op. 131, one of his late quartets and a work that Beethoven himself considered his finest. The Quartet in C sharp minor, consisting of seven movements of profound emotional depth and complexity, is a monument in string quartet literature.

In an audacious feat of artistic interpretation, the Sacconi Quartet performs this profound work in with the backdrop of inventive lighting effects. This unconventional approach, crafted by Tom Morris, aims to enhance the audience’s sensory connection to the music, allowing for a heightened, pure, and visceral musical experience. With visual stimuli reduced, the audience is invited to navigate the ebb and flow of Beethoven’s music by sound alone—a testament to the transformative power of his compositions. Rediscover Beethoven in a new light for this extraordinary evening at the Colchester Arts Centre.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 mins
Photo credit: Emilie Bailey

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