Shitmat + Emma Catnip

Shitmat + Emma Catnip

28th July 2017

The Shitmat sound is a roller coaster ride of splintered jungle, rave, old school, gabber and plunderphonic mashups . No genre is sacred no sample is safe.

Over the last 8 years Shitmat has released 8 EPs and 6 studio albums shared between Planet Mu and Wrong Music. His 2nd album ‘Full English Breakfest’ captured the imagination and mood of the then emerging breakcore/mashup scene, mixing up jungle blast beats, gabber influences and Ragga Vocals. Championed by the late great John Peel Shitmat went on to record three BBC radio one sessions for rob da bank and Huw Stephans.

His 2009 Planet Mu release ‘One Foot in the Rave’ paid homage to the old school. He approached this album by analyzing his favourite rave tracks, noting and using the best styles and techniques. The result is a killer concoction of all the best bits of rave and jungle.

Trying to break the Guinness world record for longest album ever made he released ‘‘FULL OF SHIT!’ the most ridiculous, honest and intense album he’d made. With 99 tracks running in at nearly 5 hours long.

Along with DJ Scotch Egg, Ebola and others, Shitmat forms the Wrong Music Crew who produce many musical and audiovisual projects such as the Countryside Alliance and …. From 2005 till 2011 they ran the anarchic record label / promotion group WRONG MUSIC releasing and promoting a vast selection of music spanning over 20 releases and more than 50 parties and shows.

In 2012 he started work on a epic project called ‘Mash Hits’ where he has been reworking and re-imagining every uk number one single since the charts began. Using
solely the 1200+ songs with no other samples allowed he has created a huge portfolio of plunderphonic works, varying dramatically from the the absurd to the sublime, from hilarious to profound, recycling the songs that defined the generations with infinite imagination.

One auspicious day, a bored musician with a love of technology and a dream of bending rules and weaving tales suddenly found herself bitten by a radioactive cat. She stared deep into its laser eyes, completely transfixed. The cat was telling her something, with a tiny twitch of the whisker (to adjust the frequency) the message came through loud and clear. Nano-seconds later, twinned with a strange desire to sit on her neighbours car bonnet, she shirked off the responsibilities of a mundane life, pawned her guitar, midi-ed her hairbrush and bought a sampler...

"...pulls off track after track of dynamic, inventive and expertly constructed electronica, tempered by a surprising diversity in sound and instrumentation. It’s hard to avoid gushing like a doe-eyed fool." -

Tickets £7 / £6 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm.
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