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This Christmas our good friends Home Live Art and Richard DeDomenici are putting the fun back into festive fundraising.

Home Live Art is a UK based arts organisation who produces live art events in the public realm. From festivals, large-scale outdoor events to curating work in domestic houses, Home Live Art has collaborated with an array of independent artists since 1999. One such artist is film maker and self styled raconteur Richard DeDomenici.

In summer 2015, Richard decided it was time to make a record but a record with a difference! Entitled Live Art Aid, Richard’s record would be a charity single released in time for Christmas!

Richard invited 20 artists to the famous Major Tom music studios in London to record Live Art Aid, a song co-written with artists Bryony Kimmings and Tom Parkinson which is designed to raise money for, and awareness of, live artists in the UK. We’re now selling the record as a download or limited edition vinyl.

Purposefully tongue in check but with a serious message, Live Art Aid aims to explain what live art is to the tune of Do They Know It’s Christmas played backwards and all within 4 minutes!

There is a fundraising target of £4,000 and all money raised will be re-distributed between the 20 artists who contributed to the record .

It's a cause Richard feels strongly about, with the creator noting, “Live Art is one of the most uncommercial art genres in the world, and is in danger of becoming extinct. We’re like pandas in that respect - barely able to sustain ourselves, and hardly ever having sex. Except most people have heard of pandas”  

The Serious Bit - Why support Live Art Aid?
The fact is, with ever tightening budgets and shrinking resources, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for independent, self -employed artists to sustain themselves -so the idea behind Live Art Aid is very simple; help us raise a small amount of money to provide an artist with cash support to spark a new idea.

Of course, £200 can’t make a finished work – but this modest amount can help seed an idea, test a hunch or pilot an experiment. And these ideas could become projects which you end up seeing.

They want to raise £4000 in 40 days.

This means the 20 participating artists will each receive £200. That's nothing we hear you say! But don't underestimate what £200 could do -  it could pay for rehearsal space for a weekend, pay for 2 long-distance train journeys enabling an artist to meet with venues and curators, it could even cover the airfare to a European Festival enabling an artist to present their work.

DeDomenici - described by many as a scruffy Bob Geldof but more annoying and less talented - says the record is a last ditch attempt to radically improve the deteriorating funding landscape for live artists. 

“If this doesn’t work I’m planning to open a Live Art speakeasy” he threatens. 

What you get in return

Live Art Aid features a host of great perks to thank you for your support. From personal thanks and kisses to a signed, limited edition vinyl record. Each 7-inch vinyl will be hand-numbered by Richard, with his left hand, and features an exclusive b-side featuring Richard and one Live Art Aid co-writer Bryony Kimmings.  Because it takes a while to press vinyl, the record will be available in January 2016 - a great way to start the new year with a cheery song!

The song is available now in a digital download format

They have 300 limited edition, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl records on offer (for those without a record player, each vinyl copy comes with a handy hole in the middle for affixing to the wall with a hammer). Each vinyl comes with specially designed sleeve and is hand-numbered by Richard using his left hand.

If you don't have a permanent address, or live in rented accommodation where you aren’t allowed to make holes in your walls, various bits of associated merchandise, such as mugs, t-shirts and personal thanks are also available.

Other ways you can help
The more people that know about Live Art Aid, the more likely we are to reach our goal. Please share this campaign and tweet your support with #LiveArtAid. 

The artists involved with Live Art Aid are:

Francesca Baglione, Katy Baird, Andy Field, Figs in Wigs,  Anna Goodman, Catherine Hoffmann, Nicki Hobday, Kazuko Hohki, Mamoru Iriguchi, Bryony Kimmings, Brian Lobel, Eilidh MacAskill, Stacy Makishi, Lucy McCormick, Tom Parkinson, Deborah Pearson, Daniel Oliver, Louise Orwin, Xavier de Sousa, Ellie Stamp. 

Live Art Aid was an original commission by Home Live Art, supported through their Arts Council England Catalyst programme.

You can find out more and pledge HERE

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