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Here's a chance to see a real gem of a film this Sunday 11th May...

KISS THE WATER tells the story of the life of a true British eccentric - the gifted yet reclusive Megan Boyd, who acheived legendary status for her intricate and beautiful handmade salmon flies. While no-one can explain why salmon will take one lure but not another, everyone agrees Boyd's were not only objects of incredible precision and beauty but the most successful flies ever made.

Living in a remote cottage with no electricity, Boyd lived her life in almost complete isolation, once even turning down an invite to Buckingham Palace to receive an OBE from the Queen as there would be no one available to look after her dog.

Kiss The Water is the story of a woman's extraordinary dedication to her craft, making a case for Boyd as one of Scotland's great unsung artists.

"KISS THE WATER is like dreaming and eating dessert at the same time." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Make sure this strange little film isn't one you let get away." - Mark Kermode, The Observer, ****

1 hour 20 mins running time.

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Here's a trailer...

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