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Last Saturday 16th December was the night for our annual hallowed evening of verse, wordsmithery and general shenanigans featuring local heroes John Cooper Clarke, Martin Newell, Luke Wright and Ross Sutherland. Fine gentlemen - one and all.

You can read two great articles about the night on our special BLOG PAGE THING where we invite anyone to write about Colchester Arts Centre gigs / happenings / artists, all in a bid to create a bit of social history around the arts centre that's a bit more in depth than is the norm on social media...

Christmas Poetry Bash review by Sandy Armitage
Christmas Poetry Bash Review and Ross Sutherland interview by Hannah Lee

Big thanks to Sandy and Hannah for their submissions, as well as all those who've contributed in the past few weeks.

Anyone at all is welcome to submit comments to the published articles, or indeed write their own. If there's a particular gig you fancy covering; an artist coming here you'd like to interview, or pretty much anything Colchester Arts Centre related you want to shout about, let us know (details on the blog) and you're quite likely to see your work published on our blog for all to enjoy.


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