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Here's news of a series of meet-up events for Disabled musicians, producers, sound artists, singers and composers.

Orchestras Live and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra plan to build a programme of work within Essex that supports and cultivates the skills Deaf or Disabled musicians or artists to work as professional music leaders. Orchestras Live and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra both work extensively within the region and want to make sure their creative workforce reflects the participants and audiences they work with.

Between January - March 2017 Orchestras Live will be working with Drake Music to hold a series of 'Music Making Meetings' across the Essex region. These will then be followed at a later date by professional development, training and potential paid work opportunities.

The 'Music Making Meetings' will be an opportunity to network, meet other musicians and try out some accessible music technology with Drake Music and is open to Disabled musicians, producers, sound artists, singers and composers. The meetings aim to be a place to:

Support creative experimentation and growth

Share information about future professional development and paid work

Share current work and discuss your creative process,

Join in a jam session and exchange knowledge and ideas.

The aim is to hold meetings in different areas across the Essex region between January - March 2017 and will be announcing where these will take place later in the year. If you’re interested to find out more then please register on the simple online registration and you’ll be kept updated on developments as they happen:

Register Here

Please contact Daryl Beeton if you’ve any further enquiries:

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