The Yoruba Women Choir

The Yoruba Women Choir

9th June 2018

Nigeria’s Yoruba Women Choir, founded by Funmi Olawumi, is simply one of the most incredible choirs on the planet. Their singers and soloists create music that is simply beautiful with exquisite harmonies as deep as the ocean and joyful songs that lift your spirit and soothes your soul.

The ten singers of the choir and their 6-piece band combine secular and non-secular songs together to create joyful music that create a stunning stage show that leaves you breathless from the minute they arrive on stage. With soloists from many genres of Yoruba-Nigerian music expect a spectacular show in the grand tradition of Nigeria.

Youtube Link: The Yoruba Women Choir

Tickets £15 / £12.50 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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