Pre-show Magic Workshop with Vincent Gambini

Pre-show Magic Workshop with Vincent Gambini

11th March 2020

Suitable for ages 14+ 
Particularly suitable for ages 16 - 17 
Adults and caregivers welcome 

Join ace magician and performer Vincent Gambini for this unique, fun and illuminating magic workshop before his show The Chore of Enchantment at 8:00pm.   

Ever wondered how a magician can make objects seemingly appear and disappear?

This is a practical workshop exploring sleight-of-hand magic, looking specifically at the relation between the magician's actions, the eyes, and speech. You'll come away able to perform simple but effective magic tricks using nothing but a coin and a pen!   

Vincent Gambini (real name Augusto Corrieri) is an award-winning magician and theatre artist. He won 1st place at the Italian National Championship of Magic, and 2nd place at London's International Magic Competition. His specialty is sleight-of-hand magic, and he loves thinking about the relationship between magic and theatre. 

Places are free but booking essential. 
Doors open 4pm, starts 4.30pm. Finishes 6pm. For more info please email Emma via or call 01206 500900.

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