Everything Is Art

Everything Is Art

29th August 2023

This workshop is designed for participants aged 13-17 years old

EVERYTHING IS ART is a workshop for young people, designed to help them think about art making; to help them express themselves through creative exercises; and to think critically about how we use social media.

EVERYTHING IS ART begins with the premise that everything can be art, and anyone can be an artist. The workshop is led by Louise Orwin. Louise has been making art, and helping people make their own art for a decade.

EVERYTHING IS ART steals the best art-making practices from TikTok and uses them in this workshop to help young people think about what kind of art they’d like to make, and how we can use TikTok as a way of expressing ourselves.

Louise is also really interested in how young people see social media and how they feel about it, and this workshop will give participants a chance to have their say and be part of a discussion about social media. As well as exercises designed to help people think about social media, the workshop will take participants through a series of fun creative exercises based on TikTok ‘content’ - think making our own trending workshop dance as a group; making short 30 second performances about things we believe in and want to share; creating workshop group memes, and using meme-culture (i.e copying and stealing- both very useful in art making!) to create performances with each other.

Admission Free - but booking essential.
Doors open 9.45am, starts 10am.
Finishes 1pm.
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