Beginners Harmonica Workshop *

Beginners Harmonica Workshop *

15th September 2019

Learn to play in a day!

Harmonica player and teacher Paul Gillings will guide you through the rudiments of playing the humble mouth organ. In one day Paul will take you from being a complete novice to being able to play tunes, scales and chords.

You will need: A 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C (Harmonicas will be available to purchase on the day).

Workshop runs 9.30am -3.30pm
£30, £20 concs per place.

About Paul Gillings...

At the age of 11, Paul heard the harmonica for the very first time whilst sitting round a campfire at a Boy Scout cook-out. The harmonica was being played by his Scoutmaster at the time: Norman Ives. At that time Norman Ives ran a mail order harmonica business as well as being a part-time Scoutmaster. A bunch more of the scouts became interested in the harmonica and pretty soon they had enough for a full harmonica group. Around this time Norman Ives met with David Michelsen (AKA Dr Midnight) and between them started 'Harp Start' a free harmonica school for underprivileged children.

The kid's harmonica group was called 'Random Sound' and toured the world. They appeared at Glastonbury festival, played on cruise ships and appeared on many national and international TV shows. The highlight of Random Sound's career was being invited on Disney's 'Mickey Mouse Club' during a US tour in 1990 to accept a 'Golden Mickey' award for outstanding talent. During this American tour they appeared on CNN's Nashville Now and CBS Good Morning America in New York.

In 1993 Paul won the World Harmonica Championships in the Youth Blues/Rock and Youth Diatonic Jazz/Melodic sections which was held in the Hohner stronghold of Trossingen, Germany. After winning the World Harmonica Championships Paul received an endorsement from Lee Oskar himself and became a Lee Oskar Preferred Player. As a consequence of the win Paul also appeared on the very popular UK Children's programme 'Blue Peter'. Paul, Norman and David then toured as harmonica group 'The Midnight Specials' taking in most of the UK and most prominently the Channel Islands.

In 2003 Paul collaborated with Roger Trobridge, the then chairman of the National Harmonica League to relaunch 'Harmonica World' the club magazine and then stayed on a designer for 5 years. The magazine still has the new look and continues to rise in circulation.

Paul has played regularly with a number of local bands including 'The Harpoon Blues Band' who appeared on BBC's 'The One Show' in 2016 playing 'House of the Rising Sun'. In 2018 Paul joined The Jamos and Sir Mathew Band, an acoustic act that plays at festivals and venues around the east of England..

In 2018 Paul turned back to Songwriting and has been releasing tracks through Soundcloud to a great response with more than 70,000 plays during the last 3 months of 2018. Solo tour dates are confirmed for 2019; Jurnet's Bar in Norwich, The Fisher Theatre in Bungay, Upton Blues Festival The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival.
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