Adult Performance Workshop - Vortessa: Gilf Island

Adult Performance Workshop - Vortessa: Gilf Island

8th September 2019

Pack your cases, ready to embark on a Dark Romance of the ageing self, Exploring, releasing and adoring the inner GILF.

Runs Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September.
10am to 5pm each day.
Admission Free - but application essential.
Deadline for applications: 2pm, Thursday 20 June

Applicants are asked to provide a short statement stating why they want to be part of GILF Island and how this DIY will benefit your practice alongside an image of your island look. Please submit your proposal via the link below:

GILF Island is born from a strong reaction to the mega popular TV show Love Island. All Pertaining to the ideal that desire and sex is strictly the domain of the young. As women who age we are marginalised, our sexual currency is removed and we are left to mourn our younger desirable bodies

GILF (Grandmother I want to F*ck) Island is a safe haven to explore and join us on a process opening up an important dialogue about the socio cultural blocking that arises when negotiating the territory of the ageing body, accepting that we are still sexual creatures, with desire and passion. Learning to love our glorious ageing bodies. Reigniting our sexual currency, being seen and taken seriously as sexually powerful women rather than tired sexiest tropes of the ageing of the Femme Fatal casting off the assumption of how “We seem to be either ashamed of it or turn it into some sort of jokey, slapstick, seaside postcard, pantomime thing or a porny caricature. European women feel sexy their whole lives. Even older women behave like they’re sexually active and attractive.” Viv Albertine

We are inviting a group of artists who identify as older and have experienced, are attracted or relate to the GILF phenomena. To answer our call to look at the dimensions of romance and intimacy, desire and love, their political potential and subversive power. Together we will go on a journey exploring these issues, devising our own rituals, being architects and high priestesses who darkly manifest romantic radical narcissism, the magic, offering a glimpse of what lies between the light and dark.
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