The Clockwork Girl - A Story from Leopold Thorn

The Clockwork Girl - A Story from Leopold Thorn

27th October 2015

Written and Performed by Darren Gooding

In the early years of the 20th Century, deep in the snows of a long, cold winter in British Columbia, a bereaved clockmaker, Jameson Holtz, is stirred from his frozen grief by the arrival of a lady unlike any he has ever met... The Deceptrix Miss P.T. Wilby is about to offer him a commission – the most fabulous and terrible creation to which he could ever turn his astounding engineering skills. The fantastical Circus of Alice d’Lumiere is coming to town and the laws of nature are about to be re-written... Storytelling meets stage magic in this beguiling exploration of beauty, loss and manufactured love.

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Writer/Performer Darren Gooding ventures once more into the extraordinary, wondrous and occasionally absurd world of the most beguiling and mercurial of all Magicians for this brand new stage show.

Leopold Thorn: Conjuror (professionally), Liar (reputedly), Visionary Scientist (quite possibly) and Strutting Dandy (unquestionably), is facing his most daunting challenge to date; telling bedtime stories to entertain his decidedly precocious and resolutely insomniac daughter... Patience Thorn is rewarded with a quartet of tall tales, but of course they’re all just flights of fancy aren’t they? No real person could ever experience such amazing adventures...

From the romantic to the subversive, prepare to witness levitation, decapitation, and restoration in the idealistic, eccentric and charismatic company of the greatest Stage Magician Victorian London never knew...

What the Critics said about “THE CABINET OF LEOPOLD THORN”
“I can honestly say that this is a gripping, intriguing, magical and superbly acted tour-de-force. If I were pitching it to Hollywood I would probably say: ‘It's Sherlock Holmes-meets Dickens-meets ‘Doctor Who’!"
Liz Mullen - Colchester Garrison Radio

“Gooding is a compelling performer, vocally brilliant, swapping gender with ease, and bringing to life an array of characters, each becoming visible before us… one of the best solo performances I have seen in a long time.”
Paul T. Davies - Colchester Gazette

Tickets £6 / £3.50 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.

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