Bentley Strangetrousers & A Quantum of Sporran: 1 & 2

Bentley Strangetrousers & A Quantum of Sporran: 1 & 2

24th July 2013

Written and Performed
by Damien Bell and Darren Gooding

Also featuring Mary Bollan, Sara Jane Derrick, David Hughes and Gerry McKee.

Original Music by Tina Gooding and Darren Tansley

I Hear Voices Theatre Company return to Colchester Arts Centre with a thistle bedecked, tartan enriched, double-deep-fried serial from the Top Secret Files of Bentley Strangetrousers!

It is 1952 and the ace-super-special-secret-security-agent of MI5 and 7/8ths, finds the world turned upside down when his Arch Nemesis, Raol Heliotrope, interrupts the Coronation of Elizabeth II, claiming to be the rightful heir to the Throne!

Is Raol really a direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots? Is his leather corseted, psychotic hench-woman Medea Black truly the finest Haggis Rider south of Hadrian’s Wall? Can Bentley defeat the Pretender to the Throne before the Kilt becomes compulsory for all Britons of leg-displaying age..?

Master Spy, Bentley Strangetrousers’ logic-defying escapades began at Slackspace in March 2012 in a spine-tingling four part serial entitled “The Dance of Doom”. The audio mayhem arrived at Colchester Arts Centre last December for the Festive Special “The 12 Plagues of Christmas”, and now Bentley’s exploits continue in Gooding and Bell’s latest incomprehensible offering...

Recorded before your very ears and featuring live sound effects courtesy of our overworked and overstressed Foley artists; “Strangetrousers” recaptures the freewheeling anarchy of classic radio comedy such as “The Goon Show” and “Round the Horne” combined with a sly modern sensibility and contemporary broadcast technology.

Attend the recording, witness the lunacy; revisit the porridge!

Once taped “Bentley Strangetrousers & A Quantum of Sporran” will join his previous adventures online, all of which are free to download at

The Live Recordings will take place at Colchester Arts Centre, with two half hour episodes being recorded each night for your delight and edification.

Wednesday July 24th - A Quantum of Sporran: Episodes One and Two
Wednesday July 31st – A Quantum of Sporran: Episodes Three and Four

Doors open 7.30pm
Recordings commence 8pm

Tickets £6 per evening, or £10 for a combined ticket covering both nights.

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