Vijay Patel: Pull The Trigger

Vijay Patel: Pull The Trigger

5th December 2018

This is not a show about Britney.
This is a show about my family’s corner shop.
Wait, maybe this is a show about Britney and not my family’s corner shop. I want to work like Britney, lip sync like Britney and be an artist. I’m a shopkeeper. Can I be a lip sync Britney artist and a shopkeeper? Maybe I’m neither? I’m still finding the balance..'

Pull the Trigger is a show exploring Indian corner shop culture as a site to explore personal identity (queer discovery), family conflicts surrounded by the legacy + history of shop-keeping values from Ugandan-Asian migrants.

The performance manifests in text, recorded sound, structured task based actions and cabaret. A show which borrows the aesthetics of traditional Indian corner shops to create this world.

'The sound of the radio: it battles in my head, in my body, in my history.
The conflict continues: Pull the Trigger then you’ll see.

Pull the Trigger has been developed and showcased at SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, Battersea Arts Centre, Artsadmin, Duckie and the University of Chichester.

Pay What You Can Afford
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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