Vijay Patel: Pull The Trigger

Vijay Patel: Pull The Trigger

5th December 2018

Vijay Patel is a live/performance artist who crosses forms into cabaret and installations.

His work has previously dealt with the complexities of being of mixed Indian/British heritage and what that means within the contemporary condition. His work has previously examined arranged marriages, immigration and gender issues.

Pull The Trigger is a live art/cabaret display of Indian corner shop culture and servitude; following immigration and refuge. Mundane actions of stocktaking are fused with uncomfortable, repetitive cabaret numbers. An autobiographical solo performance unearthing frustrating structures of work life within the anarchy of capitalism. This is a show which deconstructs the aesthetics of our 'British' corner shops which keeps the rawness of building a new life. What do we want / have to do for work?

Pay What You Can Afford
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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