The Journey

The Journey

31st October 2018

Please note that this event is for a standing audience, though some seating will be available for those that require it.

A displaced mother and child struggle to hold darkness and despair at bay, during a punishing trek from their devastated, war ravaged homeland to a destination of perceived safety and security.

This fearless, intense and immersive theatre project focuses on the experiences of refugees from across the globe.

To research the play writer/director Steve Lambert visited The Lebanon and camps on the Syrian border to learn of the desperate measures people can be forced to endure as they strive to survive. In the UK he worked with refugee communities and support organisations to develop a drama that is true to their experiences of fleeing conflict and, sometime, certain death.

With a cast of that includes refugees, some facing an uncertain future in the UK, The Journey tells of the emotional, psychological and physical effects experienced by those forced to flee their homes.

Since the company’s launch in 1999, Badac's work has always focused on human rights issues. Their unflinching work is brave, dark, all-consuming and stunning in every meaning of the word. Often moving and affecting, it provokes extreme reactions and polarises opinions.

Pay What You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm. Show starts 8pm.
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