The Gloopshow: Episode 4 By Oozing Gloop

The Gloopshow: Episode 4 By Oozing Gloop

24th October 2018

Oozing Gloop! THE Apocalyptic Green Post-Drag Autistic Queen! Takes you on a psychomagical trip from the universal A E I O U through to the particular 3 3 3 2 2 (and back again). On route we ramble through a dreamscape of handmade patchwork veils, gigantic vowels, masks, wigs and lashes. As we spiral through the subconscious our guiding green vagabond wielding a 7ft Mascara wand assures us that squares make squares, triangles make triangles and doing things… does stuff. To the accompaniment of Britney Spears and Bette Davis THE GLOOP SHOW restitches the fabric of our reality and charts sublime new political territories. This is your survival guide for the 21st century!

Oozing Gloop arrived in performance art after failing a politics degree at the Queen Mary University of London. He/she/they/thee knocked Brighton Fringe's socks off this year with the GloopShow episode 2 and came back with the Marlborough Development Award. Darling of Glastonbury, Dame of the NYC down low, LADA, Arnolfini Ab Fab, Berlin Babe and East London Extraordinaire seasoned and salty there isn’t a stage she’s not stepped on worth remembering! (Fortunately people don’t)

Utterly fab and full of zest Oozing Gloop is recently back from their 400-mile transvestite pilgrimage “THE AWESOME JOURNEY“ from the place of birth (Yorkshire) to the end of the UK. Unresolved issues from her seminal piece “THE AWFUL JOURNEY” inspired this; A one hundred mile journey from Norwich to London, in drag.

Photos by Manuel Vason

Before the main show there will also be a short piece performed by Pete Kennedy: Burn a Candle for them.
"Local book creator &‘Artist-Performancer’ Pete Kennedy, is doing his 25 minutes piece featuring characters from The Shrewd Idiot Book. Pete plays with masks to become his younger selves and his alter ego, Apulhed, arrives to take the audience to a mystic place.
Using masks, costumes & movement Pete remembers 3 women from college days that he loved & lost. He also pays tribute to his parents who would have been 100 years old this year."

Pay What You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.

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