Masked *

Masked *

10th September 2019


MASKED explores undiagnosed female neurodivergency through the lives of three women and a Greek style chorus. The play feels increasingly prescient due to radical rethinking about gender and neurodivergency including the development of separate male / female neurodivergent models.

What happens when you know you're the weird girl? The one no one wants to play with. The one who can't hold down a job. How do you hide who you are? And what happens when you can't hide it anymore?

MASKED has been supported for this phase of the play’s development by Arts Council East, Colchester Arts Centre and the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich. It will be directed by Jeni Draper, artistic director of Fingersmiths.

The sharing is a free event but please email if you would like to attend, so that a seat can be reserved for you.
Doors open 7pm.

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