BAIT Theatre: Tales

BAIT Theatre: Tales

18th July 2018

A bruised princess teeters through a commuter town carpark on broken stilettoes, the juice of a poisoned apple dripping through her fingers.

High up in a tower, golden curls tumble to the floor and a girl clambers out into the night on sweat knotted sheets.

This is a show about the stories which make us. A punk feminist quest to explode the tales which trap us. It’s about sex and love and power and choosing. About knowing where and when you begin because you choose to begin there. It’s about the girls we were and the women we will become.

Join BAIT on glitterbomb rave through tall tales and urban myths old and new, battling into the bright lights of the long, dark ever after.

Tickets Pay What You Can Afford
Doors open 7.30pm show starts 8pm.
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