Vinyl Sessions: Hole - Live Through This

Vinyl Sessions: Hole - Live Through This

20th October 2019

After a reasonably well-received debut, Courtney Love set out to make a classic rock album. It's safe to say she succeeded.

With themes of beauty, motherhood, violence against women and sexual exploitation, these are songs written by women, for women. Ironically (and tragically) given a greater focus at the time because of Love's boyfriend, 25 years later it's much easier to view this album on it's own excellent merits.

Hosted by: Jessie & Laura Davis

As usual we'll follow the album with our usual 7" session. Bring along a single of your choice to spin after the main session. To help us double down on our female-focused season, 7" singles by women will be especially welcome, although we will continue to commemorate notable musicians who have passed away – regardless of gender.

It's about meeting fellow music lovers, talking about the great records of the past and predicting upcoming future classics.

The bar's open throughout and we're selling Veggie Chilli for just £3 a bowl.

£3 Admission.
Doors open 12pm, session starts at 12.30pm.
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